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Fruit of the spirit

4:24 PM
My friend came back from hong kong and bought the cell group peeps a bag each. Each bag has 9 seeds and they are labelled with English and Chinese names of the fruits. I put them in water today and thy are starting to shed the outer casing... It's really cute cos the words are actually burnt onto the inner layer and will be permanently there. Heh heh.

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One Free Weekend

10:56 PM
You'll not miss it until it's stolen from you.
Spent one of the rare Saturday at home. Paid off my sleep debt, caught up with 3 loads of laundry, watched planet 51, snacked, picked up the scuba diving book. Things I have been wanting to do for along time now. :) grin... I'm happy. Now, I'm just blogging in a 26 degree weather, listening music on the totally awesome seinheisser earphones. :) the trip to Germany was good. Compared to Switzerland, it pales... But still being in Europe beats Singapore and its naggy, irritating and hostile inhabitants. Shopping there is extremely slow since the cashier takes extreme care in handling. Nothing else worth mentioning except for the sausages. :)

July is great, I'm glad I'm not in shanghai now and missing the 35 degree weather. Its also great because all the Scuba documentaries are showing on tv. The book we are studying on the beatitudes, keeps me hungering and excited about Sundays.

Next month, I move to shanghai, one of my assistants leaves... Mom is all alone at home...

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4:10 PM
Today is a good simulation of the 2 months to come where I'll spend my time in shanghai alone. I spent my day doing housework, playing games, listening to music and having lunch at this hour at the food centre when it's less crowded. I dislike crowds, noise, And find it a hassle to eat.. I really should stock up on instant noodles and fruits. I checked myself into a foot massage palor full of Chinese. Guess what there's a free shoulder massage too. Been craving to have it done since 2 weeks ago. Finally... Before I start my hectic business trips walking around airports, construction sites and sitting on the plane.. Tragic. My shoulders, legs and back are stiff from all of these.

So looking forward the the move and the challenges at work. I wonder how much I should pack and bring over. I hope I fit in because I don't have any friends there, and I do know a few business associates there my age.. So I guess I won't be too lonely. It's only for a few months right? ;) yeah, at last, something fun and interesting in my mono life.i plan to head to Tibet after my work in shanghai, before coming back to Singapore. Or maybe japan. Heh. Yay! Totally looking forward

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Loving the seashell

10:37 PM

Coffee Brown01

Loving the asus seashell 1008P. thanks to rui for shopping with me. woots! i always regret my buys when it comes to electronics. i admit i buy on impulse. but glad that some research was done, and i actually thought and prayed about it before i bought it. :) loving it it’s quite slow since it’s only running on 1gb ram. but as long as it’s featherweight at 1kg, slips into my handbag, able to run dwg viewers. i cannot ask for more. oh wait, maybe photoshop. but. doubt i will be doing a lot of serious designing work on this lappie. so im happy to just use this 800 bucks for the next 3 years to email, watch anime, skype, and as storage. heh.

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Scuba in Kiribati

11:29 AM

Last night I watched a documentary on Shark-Eden- Republic of Kiribati, on nat geo adventure. The dive sites and islands were AMAZING… Flint, vostak, Starbuck and Millenium Atoll.  These islands housed more than 150 species and were 2nd in worldwide ranking for bio mass. Prestine. Amazing. Mind blowing. Black tips, white tips, reef sharks,  jacks, barracudas, parrotheads, loads of small fishes,  big rays.  Never seen so much breathing healthy corals my whole life. Loved the branching corals, and the giant clams. Starbucks had a algae population, it was like a green field in the water. I almost cried when I say so many sharks and the ocean was just exploding with life! So beautiful, I wished I could visit this place. But I have no idea how to get there!


Facts from NatGeo Web:



The biomass of a species can be estimated in an ecosystem by calculating its abundance with its average individual size. 
A high biomass means a large number of fish, which can indicate a healthy reef.
Flourishing reefs can keep bad microbes in check.
Certain algae found on damaged reefs release food for bacteria and can cause bad bacterial to grow out of control.



Flint Island, in the South Pacific, is four kilometres long and less than a kilometre wide.

Flint Island is the top of an ancient volcano, surrounded by deep ocean.
In the 1870s, native plants were stripped from Flint Island and tens of thousands of palm trees were planted to produce coconut oil.
Around 1900, Flint Island was abandoned.
Coral and algae can be a barometer of a health of an ecosystem.
If a coral is stressed, it can turn white or bleach.
Coral covers 90% of the sea floor of the Flint Island reef. This is over three times more that other reefs in the Indo-Pacific.
Flint’s reef is beautifully coloured and healthy.
The reef’s algae use sunlight to create energy, some of which it gives to the coral.
Sharks keep fish populations under control.
Fishing has affected the shark population on Flint Island.




Vostok Island was first sited in 1820 and named by a Russian explorer, after his ship.
Vostok is less than 2.5 square kilometres.
Vostok Island has never had human habitation.
Sharks and abundant life in Vostok’s reef indicate a healthy and undisturbed system.
Vostok is one of the few places left that looks like the Pacific did 200 years ago.
Vostok’s forest ecosystem is natural, unlike almost every other South Pacific island.
Vostok’s forest contains a mat of pure guano.
Guano, or bird dung, is rich in phosphates and nitrogen.
In the mid 1800s, surrounding islands were mined for guano to be used as fertilizer.
Vostok’s small size saved it from being mined for guano.




Starbuck Island is nearly 600 kilometres northwest of Vostok Island.
Starbuck is over eight kilometres long and three kilometres at its widest.
Starkbuck has only a handful of palm trees.
In 1872, more than 100 guano miners laboured on Starbuck, abandoning it in 1920.
Starbuck’s reef is half covered by algae, mostly Halimeda, a type of algae that coexists with corals.
Starbuck’s reef is abundant with fish and sharks.
Starbuck has the second largest biomass of all studied coral reefs.
The biomass of predators on Starbuck is larger than that of the fish they eat.




Malden Island is 200 kilometres northeast of Starbuck Island.
Malden Island is almost 39 square kilometres and roughly triangular in shape.
Malden Island was mined for guano between the 1850s and 1920s.
Malden Island was the test site for three low altitude nuclear bombs in 1958.
Malden’s reef contains at least ten times more sharks than other reefs around the world.
Parrot fish graze on the reef and break down dead coral skeleton to sand.
Development, fishing, and pollution can upset the delicate balance between algae and coral.
There are 10 times more microbes on reefs degraded by man.




Millennium Atoll is a lagoon surrounded by a string of islands.
Millennium Atoll is about 800 kilometres away from Malden Island.
Blacktip reef sharks swarm the flats of Millennium’s lagoon.
Sharks are among the first species to go away when humans arrive, and the abundance of sharks in the Millennium lagoon indicates a healthy system.
Millennium’s reef contains a large amount of one species of branching coral – Acropora.
Millennium’s reef contains giant clamps with electric green and blue colours.
On the islands, native plants compete with imported coconut trees for space



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Boiling point

12:44 AM
So the client wanted to change the layout for one of the many rooms on a certain level ab he told me his comments over the phone. I confirmed that it was the biggest room which seats 30 and has a fireplace. My colleague sketched 3 options for him and wasted 2 hours of his time only to realize that the client actually wanted to revise the room next to it which sits 100 people and doesn't even have a fireplace!!! Argh. I wonder if it's because my mandarin was so poor that I heard wrong, or was it that he wasn't looking at the plan and simply agreeing to which ever room I guessed it to be? Sigh... Such a silly mistake. I spent 2 hours installing that kickass cad viewer program only to feel worse and unsettled in this hour of the day! I should never have checked this darn email at bedtime, should have just ignored it and gone to bed. I really have someone to blame for writing me emails late at bight or early in the morning. Now after 2 months of that, I have developed a habit of holding on to my phone to sleep. Sigh... Horrible. Feel so bad for my colleague who has to do the work! But I can't really help or cross the line since it isn't my field of work. Sigh... Silly mistake

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